Covid-19 Interventions

Following the official confirmation of the index case of coronavirus disease in Nigeria, VCO Foundation took a proactive step in reaching out to vulnerable communities through various programmes which reached over 60 communities and touched the lives of over 100,000 vulnerable youths, market women, traders, and senior citizens.  

  • A Street Awareness Campaign in over 60 markets. 
  • Given away 15,000 free bottles of hand sanitizers
  • Distributed 3,000 bags of rice as relief
  • Distributed 10,000 facemasks

In March 2020, VCO Foundation implemented a social responsibility Coronavirus Street Awareness Campaign in Anambra to help combat the spread of coronavirus and ensure the well-being of Anambra indigenes and residents. 

Educational fliers and 15,000 bottles of hand sanitizers were given to market women and traders. The flyers clearly explained what Covid-19 is, what the symptoms are, and six steps people should take to protect themselves from contracting coronavirus. 

The awareness campaign outreach created the required awareness on the pandemic and gave market women and traders an insight into coronavirus, and how people can take responsibility to protect themselves, their families, and their community from the spread of the pandemic. 

Market women, young traders, and all the market traders who received the fliers and hand sanitizers across numerous markets in Anambra welcomed the timely intervention of VCO Foundation. 

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